Introducing Chizbeth Global is finally here! The need for quality local data for Nigeria has been apparent to me since I returned to Nigeria in 2013.  I made a road trip from Iloilo Philippines to Cebu and back in 2012 with no prior knowledge...just a map and smartphone.

I wanted to travel across Nigeria in 2013 and quickly realized I couldn't find enough information online for comfort! While there is a lot more information available now and google maps have become a lot more functional...conscious effort is required to create content that is fit for purpose!

I've wanted to write about Nigeria for a long time and started several times but didn't sustain those efforts. However, there's no time like the present! I am no longer just a fresh graduate with aspirations!  I now have years of professional experience, life experience and training to leverage.

What is about?

Starting this website and blog took so long because I wanted to identify the focus and direction for the content I will generate.

It is important to me that my content meets my objective to produce quality and insightful information that educates, inspires and adds value.

My discipline is business administration and management.  My years of experience in Corporate Training & Consulting thought me how to learn and my personal entrepreneurial journey has thought me that no knowledge is wasted - so I will bring all my knowledge and experience to bear in putting out content that's responsive to the ongoing social conversations.


Who is for?

I would say for everyone but my marketing professors will cringe! The simplest answer is that the blog is for anyone that finds the content relevant!