Content Writer (Admin Skills & Tips)
My first job right out of NYSC was working as business support for a Corporate Training and Consulting Firm.  The technical needs of the job were in policies and manuals, but day-to-day new situations arose.  I often had to turn to google to get somethings done.  So when I started freelancing and got the opportunity to share what I learnt on the job, I was ecstatic! Even though I had years of experience working in business support and admin roles, I still needed to do a lot of research for authorities.  Creating articles for Woculus was also my first experience with the WordPress backend!  I learnt a lot writing these articles for Woculus and working with their awesome team! Check out my articles for Woculus here.
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Fitness Content Writer
My love for fitness and an active lifestyle meet freelance writing!  I recently contributed to Twisted Fitness - a health and fitness website! I got to share some of my knowledge as a fitness enthusiast and a certified personal trainer. In this article, I talk about weight training which is one of my favourite workouts. I would definitely share some of my health and fitness insight here with lifestyle pieces.  In the meantime, head over to Twisted Fitness and check out my article! Please leave a comment and share! Feedback is how we grow!
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